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Nik’s Bodywork provides comprehensive support for childbearing women.

We promote healing and wellness by rejuvenating the mind and body for the pregnant women.

Over thousands of years, the sense of touch has provided loving support and eased 

childbearing discomforts.

Today, birthing has become increasingly medically managed.

While obstetrical innovations have reduced many perinatal risks, the texture of birthing,

one of life's most touching female experiences, has become less tactile and less women centred.

We invite you to reverse this and experience the rewarding,

life enhancing practice of pre and perinatal bodywork massage therapy.

Let the healing process begin!

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"Healing from Womb to World"

Spanning 25 years of experience, Nik's Bodywork was founded by Nik S Adis,

who started her work as an ITEC practitioner

(International Therapy Examining Council in United Kingdom,

Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology & Body Massage), Certified Pregnancy Massage Practitioner from Nuturelife Australia and qualified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Dr. Vodder).  

During passed years , Nik has acquired other skills and talents which has led her to be a Somatic and Reiki practitioner. 

Paying it forward, she has also imparted her valuable knowledge and paved the way for many other successful therapists through her certification workshops. 

Our promise:

All team members are certified, highly skilled and knowledgable. We are dedicated to offer high quality services,
pleasant and warm experiences in supporting every pregnant women and families in the most nurturing way.

Our industry accolades:

-  Expat Choice Asia

 - Luxe Asia

- Sassy Mama Singapore

- Women's Weekly

- Straits Times and many more.

Also available in the following market(s):

 - Australia: Perth

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“Touch with Childbearing Women Can Change the World”

Our treatments are intended to support and heal your body as a whole.  

We offer : 

1) Pre Natal Bodywork Massage

2) Post Natal Bodywork Massage

3) Jamu Herbal Wrap Treatment 

4) Lactation Massage 

5) Womb & Fertility Massage 

6) Birth Doula & Childbirth Education

For massage/bodywork treatment, we work intuitively on what your body and tailored to individual needs. We are committed to restoring the pregnant women health and well-being. 

For Birth Doula - you will be accompanied with a well trained professional who will guide you in labour and birth working with your obstetrician in hospital or midwife , to provide mainly in-person comfort based on your needs and wishes as determined by you prior to and during birth.  

Through our ChildBirth Education class, you will learn about the various ways to find comfort during labour and options during birth so that you can be empowered to make informed decisions during labour & birth . 

Let us take care of you.

Find our more about our services below.

Contact us today to schedule your session!

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“Humans Need Nurturing Touch to Survive and to Thrive”

How can most pregnant Women benefit from this treatment? 

  • Reduce Stress during pregnancy

  • Promote relaxation and facilitates transitions through emotional support and physical nurturing

  • Reduces musculoskeletal strain and pain

  • Increase flexibility to actively participate in birth process 

  • Fosters nurturing maternal touch and healthy bonding .

" Pre bodywork massage has helped me so much while was in 2nd and 3rd trimester . I would do it either fortnightly and weekly nearing my delivery date. My body would relax and I'd be more grounded within myself and able to focus and go inside , which made a huge difference during my labour "- Morgan



Our team is made up of qualified professionals who are bound by an eternal passion for support
childbearing women and babies.
With years of experience and commitment, the team at Nik’s Bodywork is here at your service.
Read more about our professionals below.

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Founder of Nik's Bodywork 

Pre, Post Natal & Lactation Massage Trainer

Abdominal Jamu Herbal Wrap Trainer

Holistic, Reiki & Somatic Practitioner

Since 1997, Nik Satunah Adis, founder of Nik’s Bodywork s an ITEC (International Therapy Examining Council in United Kingdom, Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology

& Body Massage and Diploma in Aromatherapy) and Certified Pregnancy Massage Practitioner From NurtureLife Australia. She is qualified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Dr. Vodder) and Reiki Practitioner. 

Aside from working on numerous local and expatriate women in Singapore and abroad, Nik has also supported mothers in delivering babies in rural village in Indonesia.

The support given in Indonesia gave Nik another understanding of issues faced by woman and families during birth, both rural and urban context and great importance of massage during and after pregnancy.

With over 25 years of experience, Nik‘s aim to give continued support to pregnant

women/parents of newborns in giving confidence, comfort,love and heal in pre & post birth and breastfeeding journey.

In the long run, Nik aims to create a legacy and impart her wisdom and skill sets to the next generations and individuals who are keen in learning more about maternal bodywork and massage therapies.


Senior Therapist

Pre & Post Natal Massage

Added Skills : Lactation Massage, Abdominal Jamu Herbal Wrap,  Spinning Babies & Reiki 

Rozie has been with Nik’s Bodywork for the last 15 years. She defines maternity work as "joyfully intense" and it takes a balance blend of heart, head and hands. She completed her training with Nik and had obtained a deeper understanding of the expectant woman's anatomy and many other techniques to relieve the discomfort of her changing life.

As the years passed,  she upgraded her skills by taking Spinning Babies (a physiological approach to preparing for and caring for birth) and Reiki training.

She felt honoured to be part of her clients life and some of them she had worked on through multiple pregnancies, pre-natal and post-natal. She has supported pregnancy with twins and triplets. 

Her greatest joy in this job is being able to transform low-spirited, anxious and tired women into a caring,

quiet and pain-relieving moment.


DONA Birth Doula

Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator

Pre & Post Natal Massage

Added Skills : Lactation, Abdominal Jamu Herbal Wrap , Spinning Babies & Reiki  

As a Birth Doula, Warda had supported numerous women in a wide variety of birth settings from Natural, Vaginal Birth After Caesarian (VBAC), Water births, C-Section, Medicated, Home & Hospital births. 

Having practiced the highest level of compassion and love in all areas and outcomes of birth, she strives to provide personalised support and education: antenatal, during labor and post-natally.  

In carrying out her doula practice, Warda incorporate bodywork techniques to support childbearing women and babies.  

She believed the essential healing ingredients women need in birthing would be caring skillful touch, listening ears and intuition.

She supports women’s decision to birth their babies based on what's best suited to her client's choice and lifestyle.


Certified Therapist 

Pre & Post Natal Massage

Added Skills : Lactation & Abdominal Jamu Herbal Wrap

Nori interest in maternity massage came after her childbearing years. Nori finds joy and satisfaction in supporting pregnant women.  She has a wide range of clients especially from the young mums and had dedicated her time to volunteer and support single mums for breastfeeding. Her touch has helped many women to find relaxation and find confidence in birth and post partum.



"We are in Perth , Western Australia" 

Nik’s Bodywork is proud to bring our Pre, Post Natal Massage and Abdominal Jamu Herbal Wrap to Perth, Western Australia by Ms. Lenny Amir .

With 15 years of experience, Lenny is a Certified Pregnancy Massage Practitioner and attained her qualification from Nurturelife Pregnancy Massage Australia. 

She has Diploma in Remedial Massage and has completed Spinning Babies training and incorporate the techniques and modalities in her current practice .

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We’re Here for You

Below you’ll find answers to our clients’ frequently asked questions.
We cover quite a lot of topics, but if there is something we haven’t touched on, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Most pregnant women can safely benefit from some type of therapeutic massage and bodywork. Pregnancy is not an illness and pregnant women are not fragile . Depending on the adaptability of the mothers body to pregnancy demands, both the mum and baby can safely receive therapy in each trimester . 


Many massage therapy practitioners tell client to delay pre natal sessions until after first trimester . The rationale is that such delay avoids the possible association to pregnancy loss , more common in first trimester . The safety of prenatal masssge is relative to the therapist applied knowledge . There is no substantive evidence to support the claim that massge is unsafe for first trimester , especially when appropriate guides are followed . We will do a personalised assessment for each potential client , when she has signs of possible complications , or other health issues , communication with maternity healthcare provider would be prudent . So consent from healthcare provider is recommended.


Massage by nature is very relaxing. It can help women feel more physically and emotionally prepared to labour and give birth with more awe and wonder and less fear . Women need flexibility to labour efficiently. She must be able to widely abduct her thighs, with her hips and knees deeply flexed . To help her have more options for labour positions , appropriate deep tissue massage, stretches , assisted resisted exercises and other passive movements and techniques for these areas. 


If the women had a natural delivery , it is safe to start massage from day 5 onwards .
For women healing from cesarean surgery , best to seek approval from healthcare provider before starting treatment. 
Generally , lymphatic drainage for post surgical patients helped to enchance circulation , immunological functioning and parasympathetic stimulation . With a planned cesarean birth , pre surgical work is beneficial and post surgical full body lymphatic drainage techniques can facilitate post operative recovery . 
You can schedule for treatment anytime within the first 3 months . 

Do you still have a question for us?

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Our Clients Experiences

What our clients say is extremely important to us.
That is why Nik’s Bodywork is so invested in making sure our clients are happy with the treatments we provide.
Take a look at what our past patients have said about us and schedule your appointment today.


“My birth went incredibly smoothly, with a proper water bag bursting and a labor that began shortly after. The entirety of my labor was a quick 4.5 hours from start to end when I got to hold my baby. This was unbelievable as I was told that most mothers labor longest for their first child. I had no need for any medical induction and am so grateful that my wishes had come to pass. I fully credit this success to the help of Nik and her skills in preparing my body. Her positive attitude and peaceful spirit, helped me to think positively throughout the labor process which I believe contributed to my oxytocin levels remaining high, thus, encouraging quick cervical dilation.”

Amelia Bicton

“I was at 18 weeks pregnant when I googled for pregnancy massage service in Perth, Australia-and that’s when I found Nik’s Bodywork service on Google search . I contacted Nik’s Bodywork and was pleased that I had Lenny to care for me during my pre & post natal process .  The pre natal work had contributed to a smooth delivery experience and I birthed my baby boy naturally within 8 hours of labour, unmedicated birth at 39 weeks. During post-partum treatments , the pelvic and back techniques were again helpful to assist my body in the transition to my pre pregnancy state . Her herbal and wrap technique was AMAZING! It helps to detoxify my body and the i truly enjoyed the “whole body experience” - prenatally as well as post natal .Thank you Lenny for all your help and support . The fact that I was able to receive this treatment in the comfort of my own home meant that I didn’t have the stress of leaving the house before and so soon after giving birth.  Lenny is systematic , knowledgeable, professional , friendly and accommodating. I would most definitely put in a good word for Nik’s Bodywork to my peers in Perth Australia . 

Thank you Lenny & Nik’s Bodywork Team , You are the Best! “ 

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Thank you for browsing our website.

For more information, contact us today.


Pre , Post Natal & Lactation Massage Specialist

Abdominal Jamu Herbal Wrap 

Fertility Bodywork Massage 

Nik S Adis 

+65 9834 2584

Birth Doula & Child Birth Education

Warda Yusoff

+65 9880 1417

Western Australia , Perth

Pre & Post Natal Massage Specialist 

Jamu Herbal Wrap 

Lenny Amir

+61 428 022 916

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